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Section 8 Company for NGOs and NPOs

Being an NPO or Non-profit Organization does not mean that your company cannot make profit. In fact, it only signifies that the promoters of such companies will not benefit from the profits earned by the company. All income must be applied towards promoting and achieving its objectives. Tax reliefs are available to these companies as well as their donors who want to avail tax exemptions against donations made under section 8 of Companies Act 2013 in India.

6 Reasons to choose Section 8 Company

Registering as a Section 8 Company offers many benefits. It helps:

It has a distinct Legal Identity different from it’s members with perpetual existence
Exempt from the requirement of paying stamp duty on the MoA and AoA of the private or public limited company
No Minimum Capital Requirement
Requirements of Companies Auditor’s Report Order do not apply
Many tax benefits are granted
More reliable than all other forms of charitable organizations

Section 8 Company
made easy

Here’s everything you need to know:

An Individual, HUF is eligible to start a Section 8 company in India.

Two or more persons who will act as Directors or shareholders should fulfil all the compliances and requirements of the Section 8 company incorporation under the Act.

There must be at least one director who should be a resident of India in the Section 8 company.

The Company must intend to apply it’s profits (if any) or other income in promoting these objects - sports, social welfare, the advancement of science and art, education and financial assistance to lower-income groups.

It must intend to prohibit the payment of any dividend to it’s members.

Director's Documents

Director's PAN

Director's ID Proofs

Aadhaar Card or Voter ID or Passport or Driver's License

Address Proofs:

Latest one month Savings Bank statement or

Latest Telephone Bill on his own name or

Latest Moblie Bill on his name or

Latest Electricity Bill on his own name.

Director's latest passport size photograph

Director's Email ids

Incase of Foreign directors, International Passport is mandatory

Company Documents

Registered Office Address Proof: Latest Power Bill

No-objection letter from the Landlord.

Rental Agreement from the landlord if the premises are rented.

Company email id.

Step 1: Reservation of Company’s Name

Step 2: Collection of Directors and Company reg office docs

Step 3: Procuring Digital Signature Certificate

Step 4: Writing MoA & AOA

Step 5: Application for the Incorporation of Company

Step 6: Approval of Company registration


Step 1: Reservation of LLP’s Name

Step 2: Collection of Partners and LLP reg office docs

Step 3: Procuring Digital Signature Certificate

Step 4: Application for the Incorporation of LLP

Step 5: Approval of LLP registration

Step 6: Writing LLP Deed

Step 7: Filing of LLP Deed

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