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Make your work unique for a Copyright

The copyright protects an idea's expression. In order to be protected by copyright, the work must:

- Be created by the author, not plagiarised from another work(s)

- Possess at least a basic amount of creativity

6 Reasons to choose Copyright Registration

Here are the major reasons why people opt for Copyright Registration:

Ensures protection of creation
Provides a public record of ownership
Rights in case of copyright infringement
Prevents importing of duplicates
Have control over commercial use of by-products
Have the right to transfer copyright

Copyright Registration made easy

Here’s everything you need to know:

When you create a piece of work, you can register for its copyright. You're said to have created a work for hire if the piece was created during the course of your employment.

ID proof of the owner & applicant

Nature of the applicant’s interest in the copyright

Class, description and title of the work

Three copies of work

Authorisation letter

Step 1: Application and documentation

Step 2: Filling the application

Step 3: Copyright examination

Step 4: Copyright registration

Once there are no discrepancies towards the end, the copyright is registered and The Copyright Office issues the extracts from the Register of Copyrights (ROC)/registration certificate.

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