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Simplified business ownership

Sole proprietorship structure is very easy to get started and in many cases, offers the lowest cost of entry for starting a business. It is also a simple way for freelancers and other self-employed professionals to get paid for their work by setting up a company that has no more than one owner.

4 reasons to choose Sole Proprietorship

The benefits of registering a proprietorship include the following:

Proprietorships are easy to form and close compared to other types of businesses
Starting a proprietorship is cheaper than registering a company
Proprietorship companies are not subject to corporate tax
Compared to other business forms, compliance is minimal

Sole proprietorship formation
made easy!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Registration under MSME Act (Udyam) for smooth business operations

PAN card (Mandatory)


Address proof

Utility bill of the Firm register office

Bank details like bank statement, cancelled cheque

Step 1: There is no defined mechanism for registration of a proprietorship firm. The easiest way to register a proprietorship is through Local License / Registration and Tax registration.

Step 2: We will work with the authorities to ensure that all the appropriate forms are properly filled in, and to make sure that you perform your duties in a timely manner. This could vary between 5 and 15 days depending on your situation.

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Professionalism, expertise and excellent service is how I would describe Bizpole. They made the entire process comfortable and pleasant for me. Highly recommend consulting Bizpole.

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