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Before filing a patent, it is important to check whether the proposed invention is already disclosed by someone else and also if it fits in with the requirements of novelty and non-obviousness. We conduct a thorough search through the database of the Intellectual Property Authority of India to see if there is a product or invention that is identical to or similar to the applicant's invention. To determine whether an idea is original, novel (not previously predicted/mentioned in any published document) and industrially applicable, we conduct a thorough analysis.

4 reasons to get your ideas patented

Here are the major reasons why people prefer Patent Registration:

Portrays the level of competition
Confirms if your invention's concept has previously been patented
Determines aspects of your innovation that are most likely to be patentable
Grants you the sole right to prevent others from reproducing, manufacturing, selling, or importing your innovation without your permission

Patent Registration made easy

Here’s everything you need to know:

The applicant must be the actual inventor.

The product, process or idea to be patented must involve innovation & uniqueness

Invention must be useful.

Details of the Applicant along with the KYC of the applicant

Complete details of the innovation to be patented.

Such other relevant documents as may be required

Application form in duplicate (Form 1)

The provisional or complete specification in duplicate (Form 2)

Drawing in duplicate (if necessary)

Abstract of the invention in duplicate

Information & undertaking listing the number, filing date, & current status of each foreign patent application (if such exist) in duplicate (Form 3)

Priority document (if the priority date is claimed) in convention application, when directed by the Controller

Declaration of inventor-ship where the provisional specification is followed by complete specification or in case of convention/PCT national phase application (Form 5)

Power of attorney (if filed through any patent agent)

Fees (to be paid in cash/by cheque/by demand draft).

Step 1: Patent Search
This allows you to check if your invention/idea is unique. It also helps avoid lengthy official procedures.

Step 2: Application
This involves the preparation of patent specifications. First, jot down the concept.
Second, visualise your idea in the form of diagrams and visuals Third, ensure that your idea is original, novel and useable.

Step 3: Prepare a patentability report
This contains an analysis based on the patent specifications.

Step 4: Publication
Within 18 months, the application is published in the Patent Journal.

Step 5: Examination
Within 48 months of the first filing of the patent, the applicant must formally submit a request for patent examination. The examiner then conducts a comprehensive investigation and releases the first examination report called patent prosecution.

Step 6: Objections
Analysis of the patent examination report may reveal objections. It is necessary for the applicant to draft an appropriate response for the same

Step 7: Grant
Once all the requirements are met, the notification to grant a patent will be published in the patent journal.

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