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Why Partner with Bizpole?

Frequently Asked Questions

All Corpo-legal Services (GST, Company Registration, Trademark Registration, Virtual Accounting)

Bizpole is a start-up accelerator having a client base of 8000+ across all cities. By partnering with a rapidly growing business set-up platform you can enhance and scale up your business.

It is an easy process. You can become a Bizpole partner through an MOU. There is no registration fee or security deposit to enrol your name as a partner of Bizpole

You will get time-to-time training and orientation to pitch the services. You will be informed of all the services and changes in law and regulations, we will ensure that you are well aware about the services.

There are areas which may not be within your expertise, service offerings’ Thus by partnering with Bizpole, you can offer a plethora of services to your client and you are also retaining the client with you.

Bizpole follows price penetration, which helps entrepreneurs to cut the cost of establishment. By offering services at an affordable price, we ensure that our channel partners also maximise their income.


Though you’re working as a channel partner, you will be working in your own identity. You can generate and maintain your own client base to experience repeated business from them.

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