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Firm Registration in Telangana

Firm registration is the process of legally registering a firm registration under the provisions of the Partnership Act. This registration is optional, but it is highly recommended for the smooth functioning of the firm registration. The process of firm registration in Telangana involves obtaining a unique registration number and executing a partnership deed that defines the terms and conditions of the partnership.

Benefits of Firm Registration in Telangana

Fewer Compliances: A registered firm registration is easier to set up. It also requires less compliance as compared to other business structures like a private limited company. There are also fewer legal formalities that you need to fulfill to remain compliant with the business laws.

Quick Decision: A firm registration is managed and owned by a group of partners who have equal rights in the decision-making process. This allows decisions to be made quickly without requiring approvals from the board members or shareholders. As a result, business ideas can be implemented fast.

Sharing of Profits and Losses: In the case of a registered firm registration, profit and loss are shared among the partners in the proposition agreed upon by them. This maintains a sense of transparency among the partners. The financial burden is also shared uniformly.

6 reasons to choose Firm Registration

Here are the major reasons why people prefer Partnership Firm:

Minimum Compliance
Simple To Begin
Comparatively Economical
Shared Decision Making
Various Financial Returns to the Partners
Audit Not Required (if total turnover is below ₹1 Crore as per guidelines)

Firm Registration
made easy!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Maximum partners is 20

Address Proof for Registered office of the Partnership Firm in India

Original Deed signed by all Partners

You would need scanned copies of:

Application for registration of partnership

Certified original copy of partnership deed

Specimen of an affidavit certifying that all the details mentioned in the partnership deed and documents are correct

PAN card and address proof of the partners

Proof of principal place of business of the firm

Step 1: Collection of Partners and reg office docs

Step 2: Draft Partnership Deed

Step 3: Registering deed with Government

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