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Inventing the Future: How Startups Can Leverage Patents to Attract Investors

Inventing the Future: How Startups Can Leverage Patents to Attract Investors

As an entrepreneur, you must be familiar with the challenges that you face while attracting investors to your business. As the owner of a startup, you do need a reliable source of investment for conducting your business operations. However, getting the right investors for your startup can sometimes take months, and even years. So, how do you attract the interest of the investors? Well, one way would be to make strategic use of patents. Patents can offer your business the desired credibility and make it a lucrative investment option for investors. Here we are going to see how you can leverage patents to attract investors:
Competitive Advantage: Patents can offer a startup a competitive advantage by offering them exclusive rights to their range of products, services, and technology. This allows the startup to remain competitive in this highly dynamic business scenario and protect its products and services from being copied by competitors. Only the startup will have complete control over the products and technologies they use.
Evidence of Innovation: A startup with a patent is evidence of its ability to develop new and innovative ideas. This is a positive indicator for investors looking for opportunities to invest in startups. When an investor finds out that a startup plans to introduce innovative ways of expanding their business and generating revenue,  they are more interested in making the startup a part of their investment journey, and they find the idea of investing in the startup to be a smart investment.
Increased Valuation: Companies with patents mostly have a greater valuation than those without patents. This is mainly because these companies have a better image and perceived value. These companies have an excellent potential to generate good revenue from the business in the near future. They also have a better scope of acquiring the required funds for their business.
Attraction of Big Companies: Patents can make startups more attractive to the larger companies planning to acquire them as part of their business strategy. Large companies find startups with patent attractive targets for acquisition. These patents provide the startups with a competitive advantage that can easily be leveraged by large companies for their benefits. 
Legal Protection: Patents offer a startup with the desired legal protection. The company’s products and processes remain protected from external sources. This allows the startup to sue anyone who inferences with their right to exclusivity. This can provide the investors with a sense of security. They will get to know that their investment is in safe hands.
Market Entry Barriers: A patent makes it convenient for startups to conduct in-depth research and analyze potential barriers to market entry. The patents can also introduce startups to investors who can help the startups overcome the challenges and provide the startups with the initial financial support to conduct various business operations.
Long-Term Vision: Startups can leverage patents to design their long-term vision and set strategic goals for themselves. The startup will get to think beyond its short-term goals while driving investors toward its business. This can be invaluable to the startup’s growth and prosperity and will also allow the startup to succeed in a way beyond measure
Market Differentiation: Patents have a big role in helping startups isolate their products and services from the crowd. This allows the startups to gain a competitive advantage and effectively communicate their ideas to the customers. Patents also offer guidance on branding and marketing.
So, if you are willing to take your business to new heights, then it is high time you opt for patent registration. This will attract new investors to your business and open the doorway to new business opportunities. You can also contact the experts at Bizpole for patent registration in India.


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